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November 8, 2021


Email icons add an appealing visual story to your email marketing campaigns.

With visual content becoming the preferred way of consuming content, vector icons are an email marketer’s best friend.

However, creating these icons requires intensive graphic designing skills. A huge waste of time for the average person.

Today, we have listed down 16 websites from where you can download free email icons and email logos.

1. Flaticon


Flaticon offers a huge database of over 5.8 million free icons to download. It’s perfect for non-designers to add distinct icons to their marketing campaigns.

The icons are available in PNG, EPS, PSD, and SVG formats.

Flaticon also has a wide variety of Stickers and over 3,000 interface icons.

For easy search, simply type in your preferred icon into the search bar and choose from a wide variety of results.

2. IconArchive


IconArchive has over 700,000 free vector icons for 30+ categories.

From business icons, cultural icons, festive icons, and technical icons, you’ll never run out of email icons for your email campaigns.

The website also sports a ‘My Favs’ section. This is the place to add all your favorite icons together and create a portfolio of icons directly on IconArchive. This can be done in the ‘Project’ section.

3. IconFinder


IconFinder offers a free version for personal use with over 192,000 icons and illustrations. The only drawback is that it comes with advertising.

However, if you’re looking for a serious professional set of premium icons, there are 5 million illustrations to choose from.

Kickstart your email marketing campaign using the free version first. Later, upgrade to the premium version at $2 per icon and $4 per illustration.

There’s also a subscription model that costs $9 per month with full access to the 5 million premium vector icons.

4. FreeIconShop


Free Icon Shop offers a range of icons for your emails.

The 4 popular types are Line icons, Glyph icons, Filled icons, and Flat icons.

Every icon is completely free to download. They come in SVG, Ai, PNG, and PSD formats.

The illustrations are available for commercial use and require no payment.

5. Vecteezy


Vector graphics are something of a specialty for Vecteezy’s. From Stock photos to vector illustrations, Vecteezy offers plenty of icons that are free to download and use for your commercial emails.

Email logos and patterns are royalty-free. There are even backgrounds to add to your email to spice up your campaigns.

Festive designs are popular at Vecteezy and are a popular way to interact with your audience.

6. Freepik


A one-stop destination for free email icons, vector art, and festive backgrounds.

The unique aspect of Freepik is that it’s updated every day. With new in-trends making their way into the visual marketplace.

It’s a great place to download festive based designs such as Halloween, Christmas, Holi, or Diwali art.

7. Icon Packs


If you’re on the lookout for outline and filled style emoticons for your email icons, Icon Packs is the place to be.

They support SVG and PNG icons and also Base 64 formats.

Once you’ve selected your favorite icon, you can customize it.

The customizable options include border, color, width, height, and download type.

8. Pixabay


With an astonishing collection of 2.4 million images, Pixabay has you covered.

From colorful decorations to emotive icons, Pixabay has numerous topics in its artistic marketplace.

The drop-down menu lets you choose from – Images, Vector Graphics, Illustrations, Music, Videos, and even sound effects.

Pixabay is an exciting place for royalty-free stock images and email icons.

9. Find Icons


Fed up with downloading single images?

Findicons lets you download image packs related to a topic.

Say you want an image pack of ‘Communication’, simply type it into the search bar. Your image packs are customized to contain ‘Communication’ based vector art.

They have a database stretching over 500,000 icons.

10. The Noun Project


The Noun Project believes in uniting people not with languages, but with visual art.

And so their 3 million strong artistic websites are filled with evocative icons and art.

While they do offer royalty-free images, the good stuff is hidden behind a premium membership.

If you’re willing to loosen your purse strings, you’re in for a good time with your next email campaign.

11. IconMonstr


The unique aspect of IconMonstr is they entertain requests.

Yes! If you have an icon they don’t have, you can request it. And they’ll make it available as soon as possible.

While the collection is on the smaller side, they do have plenty of heavyweight and lightweight icons.

Their artwork follows a black and white theme.

12. Dry Icons


Download the icon packs available at Dry Icons and save yourself an immense amount of time.

Each pack has anywhere from 50 icons to 200 icons in a single download.

Their themes range from space, eCommerce, business to basic designs.

All the art is designed by Dry Icons with their in-house artists. And yes! They are all free!

13. Icon Shock


With 30+ styles, and over 400+ icon sets, Iconshock is a big marketplace of 2 million+.

Their design sets include – 3d, isometric, glyph, colorful, flat, outline, pixel, vector, etc.

They do offer custom designs at a premium fee of $9 per month for 5,000 designs.

You can get access from 30,000 to 100,000 custom designs for $14 to $19 per month, respectively.

They do offer a lifetime license starting from $119 for the base pack.

14. Icons 8


Apart from free icons, icons 8 offers free design tools to customize and design your assets.

Using their AI-powered face generator, you can add custom images to their vector illustrations.

Icons 8 offers a world of convenience aside from free stock images and design assets for your marketing campaigns.

Being open-source, they rely on donations to run their website, leaving their artwork and tools completely free for everyone.

Oh, and you can also submit your own created icons. Fancy that.

15. Canva


Canva offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, there’s plenty of visual templates and email icons to be found here.

Canva offers a design tool to customize your icons based on your presentations, social media posts, or email campaigns.

There is a premium section that select paid members get access to. However, the free section has thousands of free content on offer.

Designing on Canva is as easy as taking an online tutorial course. It takes less than an hour to get started.

16. Stencil


Another fan favorite is Stencil. Its graphic design tool is a hit with email marketers for its brilliant lightweight and creative templates.

Create stunning email backgrounds and compelling headers for your campaigns.

Stencil has a collection of over 5 million stock photos and 1,350 premium templates.

If you choose to, you can upload your fonts and customize your graphics.

Stencil is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari through add-ons.


For your next email campaign, don’t just type a boring wall of text. Instead, spice up your campaigns with vivid imagery and icons.

Visual icons tell a story and show your customers that you care enough to include them.

Moderation is the key but the right use of email icons will boost your email conversions.

After all, we are visual beings that love pictures over texts and videos over images.

We hope these 16 websites helped catapult your dream email campaign.

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