Written By Pavan Punja

November 5, 2021


Fake email generators offer a temporary email address to stay anonymous on the internet.

Many times we fear being bombarded by newsletters and subscription emails from companies. But sometimes, a free coupon or trial in exchange for your email is too good to miss.

In these situations, the best thing is to opt for a temporary email address to receive your freebie without disclosing your details.

And that’s why fake email generators are your best friend.

To unveil, we have 30 distinct temporary email service providers to choose from. Each offers a unique perspective and other specific features which are listed for your viewing convenience –

1. TempMail


A popular option that allows you to quickly create a fake email within seconds. TempMail is convenient for all forms of email verification and has a user-friendly inbox.


  • Anonymous
  • Simple Design
  • Copy/Paste Friendly

Website: Temp Mail

2. Burnermail


Never wish to give out your email to unsolicited brands? Then Burner Mail is the perfect solution for your email needs.


  • Spam Shield
  • Private Inbox
  • Works with existing Burnermail email address

Website: Burner Mail

3. EmailFake


With EmailFake, your email is valid for up to 139 days. This is ideal for people looking for a long-term fake email. Good when you wish to try out a brand before submitting your real email.


  • Hide Real Inbox
  • Generate Fake Email
  • Create New Mail
  • Register on Websites
  • Inbox valid for 139 days

Website: Email Fake

4. Throwaway Mail


When you need a temporary email for 2 days, Throwaway Mail is your pick. The layout is easy on the eyes and comes with a simple 1-click option to create your fake email.


  • 48 hours Inbox
  • Clean design
  • Auto delete mail after work

Website: Throw Away Mail

5. Blur System

blur system

Blur System offers a unique twist when generating fake emails. It allows you to switch between your real info profile and your masked profile.

Perfect to bounce between new and trusted sites. Share your real info to trusted sites and your masked info to new and untrusted sites.


  • Masked Data Option
  • Ability to Switch between Real Email and Masked Email
  • Untrackable

Website: Blur System

6. 10minute mail


As the name states, 10 minutes is what you get with your temporary inbox. With an easy extension of time of up to 100 minutes. Domain names are refreshed every 45 days to keep things legit.


  • Extend Time by 100 minutes
  • Private Inbox
  • Mobile Support
  • Expired Mailbox can be recovered
  • All Mailboxes are disposed of after use

Website: 10 Minute Mail



The best of both worlds – privacy and long-term. lets you use your domain or generate one in a few seconds. A drop-down list lets you select your preferred list of domain names.


  • Sound Notification
  • Pop-up Notification
  • Change Email Address to your preferred domain
  • Copy/Paste Friendly
  • Email Uptime of 380 days

Website: Generator Email

8. Email on Deck


Just verify using the reCAPTCHA method and your email is locked and loaded. With 2 easy steps, your temporary email address is ready for use.

Email on Deck is ideal for bitcoin and crypto-based transactions.


  • 2-step Temporary Email Setup with Captcha
  • Bitcoin and Crypto Currency friendly
  • Secure deletion of emails after use

Website: Email on Deck

9. Guerrillamail


Launched in 2006, Guerrillamail is an industry expert when it comes to generating masked emails.

All emails are assigned randomly and last for one hour before the contents are deleted.


  • 1-hour validity on email content
  • Auto-generated email addresses

Website: Guerrilla Mail

10. Fake Mail Generator


A simple email interface lets you generate a fake email in a few seconds. The unique aspect of Fake Mail Generator is its country-specific domain registry.

With a wide variety of countries to choose from.


  • List-based domain selection
  • Pop-up notification for emails
  • Country-specific domains

Website: Fake Mail Generator

11. MailiNator


Not just emails, but SMSs are also supported with MailiNator. With a complete end-to-end email process and permanent storage option, this email generator is perfect for professionals looking for extra control for their temporary inboxes.


  • Trillions of Inboxes
  • SMS and Webhooks support
  • Private Domain option
  • Access messages via API, Web, and Links

Website: MailiNator

12. TrashMail


With open server API technology, Trash Mail offers premium plans for people looking for more power with their temporary email setup.

Every web request is run through a secure HTTPS protocol. With 25 email addresses for free users and 5000 for premium, it’s a perfect blend of control for professionals.


  • Unlimited Mail Forwarding (with a Premium plan)
  • No Alias Expiration (Premium Plus)
  • Send Emails via Web Interface (Premium Only)
  • Multiple Domain Channels (22 domains)
  • Challenge-Response System (CAPTCHA security system)

Website: Trash Mail

13. OwlyMail


OwlyMail is made for people to access a temp mail without leaving their browser. There is no limit to the number of emails you can create.

It’s perfect for mass verification of emails or to download trials on the go.


  • Free Email for Life
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Custom Username support
  • Notification Alerts

Website: Owly Mail

14. MailCatch


For a stress-free experience, MailCatch offers a simple, no-registration process of creating your first temporary inbox.

Every bit of content is flushed and cleaned out of the system once you’re done using it. Truly the backbone of anonymity.


  • No Registration required
  • Anti-spam service
  • Ecological (No Hard Drives used to store data)

Website: Mail Catch

15. GetNada


Sometimes, we need more inboxes without opening new tabs. That’s where GetNada comes in.

With the ability to have multiple inboxes simultaneously, clear your primary inbox from spam and verify using a temporary inbox from GetNada.


  • Multiple-Inbox capability
  • Chrome-addon
  • Copy/Paste Friendly

Website: Get Nada

16. LuxusMail


Free yourself from the endless prison of advertising spam. With a simple interface, LuxusMail lets you use a secure mailbox with complete privacy protection.


  • 1-Click Access to Disposable Email
  • Securely deletes content after use
  • Anti-spam

Website: Luxus Mail

17. Tempail


With Facebook and Twitter accessibility, Tempail lets you sign up to websites and easily verify with a 1-hour temporary email.

The easy user interface makes it ideal for beginners to work with.


  • 1 Hour Expiry on Temporary Inbox
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Copy/Paste Friendly

Website: Tempail

18. MintEmail


Create your temporary email just by visiting a website. How easy is that?

MintEmail easily stores a bookmark for convenient access later. It can’t get easier than creating a temporary email with zero clicks.


  • No-click Email System
  • Easy Bookmark Access
  • Copy/Paste Friendly

Website: Mint Email

19. MyTemp.Email


Temporary emails with user ids offer a unique tracking way to maintain a temporary inbox with a direct URL.

No need to reload the page thanks to the automatic reload feature offered by MyTemp. The ‘Check It Later’ option lets you access your email anywhere and anytime similar to your real email.


  • Auto Refresh Inbox
  • ‘Check It Later’ option for Delayed Visits
  • Private Inbox with UID details

Website: My Temp

20. Moakt


Choose your email domain from over 11 domains and then randomly create your temp email. Moakt has a basic design with no flashy glitter.

It’s perfect to get in, set up your account, access your information, and exit. Oh and no mail content is stored after the first hour is passed.


  • Over 11 domains to choose from
  • Random Email Address Generation
  • 1 Hour Inbox Access

Website: Moakt

21. MailDrop.CC


A disposable email provider that results in almost no spam mail. No registration is required to access their services. They provide a suggestion-based feature to help use a unique domain.


  • Personal Email Generator
  • Email Suggestion List
  • Blocks Spam Attempts

Website: Mail Drop CC

22. YOPmail


YOP is a free email service provider that allows you to create fake emails that are maintained for 8 days.

Feel free to add your domain and enjoy a personal chat service with your friends with YOPchat.


  • 8-day Inbox Time Limit
  • Randomizes Emails
  • Email Alias
  • YOPmail chat (with friends)
  • Add your Domain
  • 10 Alternate Domain List

Website: YOP Mail

23. Dispostable


An extremely basic email service that offers a temp email without registration. The interface is plain without frills and lets you simply type in your preferred email.


  • All domains end with
  • Unread read messages are deleted after 2 days
  • Read messages are removed after 2 months

Website: Dispostable

24. Emkei’s Fake Mailer


Started as a prank website that was used to fool family and friends. Now Emkei is a full-fledged temporary email service provider.

Emkei is great for sending test emails with subject lines to recipients.


  • Spoof Email Address Instantly
  • Send Anonymous Emails
  • HTML Editor
  • Secure Encryption

Website: Emkei CZ

25. Hot Temp Mail


Every email that is stored on Hot Temp Mail’s servers is done on secure databases. Repeat functionality lets you reuse the same email multiple times.

When you choose to delete your temp email, it’s as easy as clicking a button.


  • Custom Username for Emails
  • Repeat Usability of Temporary Emails
  • Multiple Domain support
  • Unlimited Emails

Website: Hot Temp Mail

26. MeMail (Nada.Email)


If you wanted a temporary email that reflects your inner personality, sports team, profession, or even location. You’re in the right place.

MeMail allows you to personalize your email address and lets you create various distinct emails related to your traits.


  • Ad-free experience
  • Personality-based unique email service
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Organize Contacts
  • Calendar support

Website: Me Mail



Among the oldest temporary email generators around, was founded in 2004. It was known as Discardmail back then.

With a simple and intuitive interface, it lets you choose from a list of domains. It has tons of useful features that are all accessible for free.


  • Over 25+ domain lists to choose from
  • RSS and AtOM feed support
  • Mailbox can be saved as a bookmark
  • Use your domain
  • Multi-domain support
  • Send Text and HTML attachments
  • 30 days of email uptime

Website: Tempr Email

28. GMX


Having many temporary emails has its benefits. It lets you send multiple emails to different brands without the need of having many emails.

GMX Mail lets you own 10 emails under 1 account. With a huge attachment file size and generous free email storage, GMX is a rewarding service.


  • Send attachments up to 50 MB
  • 10 Alias Addresses can be created on 1 account
  • Chrome and Firefox browser addons
  • 65GB email storage
  • Email Encryption and Spam Filter for Security
  • Mobile-app friendly

Website: – GMX

29. Mailnesia


Let’s say you wanted an automated service that clicked your verification mail sent by the brand. Mailnesia does it for you.

Fair warning, ensure mails from finance, banking, and other sensitive information isn’t added here due to the automated nature of the service.


  • HTML Support
  • RSS feed for inbox
  • Auto-clicks registration and verification links

Website: Mailnesia

30. Instant-Email.Org


Temporary emails that last a month over a few hours offer a good balance of longevity without commitment. That’s where Instant Email.Org comes in. All accounts are stored for 30 days and emails are deleted after 3 days.


  • Auto Deletes mail content in 3 days
  • Bookmark friendly for easy inbox access
  • 30-days of Account Validity
  • Primary TLDs are used over secondary ones (.com over .tk)

Website: Instant Email Org

Why Use Fake Email Generators?

Have you opened your inbox and had thousands of unopened emails stare back at you?

A majority of these emails are from companies you don’t remember signing up to.

Maybe, you signed up years before and didn’t bother to unsubscribe. Whatever your reason, these emails have now become a mountain of spam.

It becomes a real chore to clean up your inbox every month.

That’s why the next time, you sign up for an offer by a brand you don’t intend to deal with again, use a fake email generator.

A temporary email lets you –

  • Subscribe to ongoing deals without revealing your details
  • Download a digital product without long-term brand commitments
  • Confirm your email address to verify authentication
  • Remain anonymous
  • Reply or send an email to someone without disclosing any information
  • Prank friends and family (within an ethical manner)

Are Fake Email Generators Safe?

Fake email generators can quickly be accessed in under a few seconds. An exclusive inbox is created for you which is immediately deleted after some time.

The time ranges from a few hours to days and even years. Depending on the fake email service provider.

Only you can view the contents of your temporary inbox. The inbox isn’t shared with others. Masked emails are completely safe to use and are a great alternative option to remain anonymous.

However, if you trust a brand and want to receive their weekly email, your real email is still the best option.


Whether it’s for remaining anonymous or for instantly receiving a gift. Temporary emails are a lifesaver for many that don’t want to dive deep into a brand.

A good number of these email service providers are free to use. Then ones that require a fee often offer additional features and automation at a price.

We recommend using Temp Mail for beginners. It’s got a clean interface and needs no introduction to generate an email.

The following list remains updated and will continue to grow as more temp email service providers are added.

Now that you’ve learned of a way to keep your inbox free of spam, do share it with your friends and family.

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