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October 1, 2021


Best Auto Clicker for General Use – OP Auto Clicker

Whether you’re a gamer or looking to automate daily tasks. Auto clickers are powerful software that mimics physical mouse clicks without human intervention.

Repeated manual clicks cause physical injuries and contribute to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A condition where the nerves on your wrist cause pain due to strain from prolonged mouse clicking.

Auto mouse clickers replicate actions such as opening your email, replaying a task sequence, or short bursts of clicks in gaming.

Give your wrist a much-deserved rest. Use these 15 auto clicker tools to automate your daily affairs.

1. Get Auto Clicker (Perfect for Data Entry and General Work Mode)


Price: Free to use

Recommended for: Data Entry and general use also works with browsers using extensions

Ever felt frustrated when trying to fill a survey or a registration form for the 100th time?

Get AutoClicker is the perfect data entry automation tool to save you hours of frustrating grunt work.

With the ability to auto-fill all key input areas, this auto clicker is a must-have for general data entry work.

Extension support for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers is available.

The ‘Schedule URL’ extension schedules dates and lets you auto-fill forms without manual intervention.

2. GS Auto Clicker (Exclusively for PC Users and First-time Users)


Price: Free to use

Recommended For: – PC Users and users that require a simple user-friendly interface

A simple auto clicker that is created exclusively for PC users. GS Auto clicker is a basic program that mimics mouse movements and automates repetitive patterns.

Use the F8 hotkey as the default option to trigger the interface.

It conveniently minimizes itself to the system tray when in effect or when you close the window.

The Pick Point feature lets you record all available points on the computer screen to replay for later use.

Clicking speed is increased by going to the options and navigating to the “Clicking” tab.

Set the number of times you want to repeat the function. Or choose “Repeat until Stopped” for unlimited use.

GS Auto Clicker is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista, and Windows 10. Runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

3. MacroRecorder (For Advanced Scripts and Superior Automation)


Price: Free trial / $20 for Lite version / $40 for Premium

Recommended For: Advanced users that require targeted automation control

Macro Recorder isn’t your run-of-the-mill auto clicker. It offers cutting-edge automation at a price.

Some of its features include –

  • Finding a picture on your screen
  • Changing the recording and play speed
  • Simulate keyboard and mouse actions
  • Runs script in Debug mode
  • Displays Animated GIFs
  • Converts image format
  • Operate JSON data
  • Captures screen movements

And that’s just scratching the surface of what Macro Recorder can do.

As you’ve already guessed, it’s an advanced recorder that’s perfect for programmers and users that have worked with scripts before.

Basic users can still find use in its Lite version.

4. MouseClicker (Designed for Gamers and Beginners)

Mouse Clicker_Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Gamers and Absolute Beginners

If there was one tool we’d recommend to beginners – it would be MouseClicker.

The app interface is simple and contains basic functions like –

  • Start (F2 Default key)
  • Stop (F3 Default key)
  • Mouse Actions
  • Click Intervals

This app is perfect for gamers that want to repeat a macro within their game. Let’s say you log in to your game every day, and there are daily login rewards for performing certain tasks.

Simply, record your movements using the software, and repeat them every day using the software.

Apart from gaming, Mouse Clicker is great for office use. Opening files every day, launching apps, or any tasks that require an X and Y coordinate system.

This free auto clicker will save you hours and even days when used regularly.

5. Free Auto Clicker (For Traders and Advanced Mouse Control)

Free Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Tasks that require Right/Left and Double Mouse clicks such as Forex Trading

Free Auto Clicker offers a bit more power than basic auto clickers. For instance, you can record left clicks and double mouse clicks as well.

Useful features such as multiple clicking points and time intervals between clicks make it a must-have.

Another useful feature is the webcam function. It allows you to take a picture using hotkeys and the ‘Take Picture’ button.

It’s compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10.

6. Fast Auto Clicker (Ideal for Gamers)

 Fast Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Games such as Minecraft, Solitaire, Idle Games.

Fast Auto Clicker was made with one audience in mind – Gamers.

Functions Keys (F1-F12) to Keyboard keys can be programmed with a variety of mouse functions in between.

The ability to add a ‘Delay’ in between mouse clicks lets you plan your gaming sequence.

The movements are based on human reaction times to ensure the anti-cheat software doesn’t detect alerts.

The default hotkey to start the program is ‘F9’ and ‘F10’ is to stop. Every key can be reprogrammed to your preference.

Comes with a pleasing interface and a user-friendly panel.

7. Murgaa Auto Clicker (Made for Mac users)

Murgaa Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free Trial with no limitations and $6.54 after trial (6 months use for 1 Mac)

Recommended For: Mac Automation for General Use

Macintosh users! Are you feeling left out among all the PC love? We’ve got something for you!

Murgaa is exclusive for Mac OS.

Features include –

  • Left, Middle, and Right Mouse button simulation
  • The maximum number of clicks (0 for infinite clicks)
  • Delay between each click
  • Auto minimize to tray on program launch
  • A hands-on tutorial.

The program works on all the latest builds of Mac OS and even previous versions.

The official Murgaa website offers many more auto-clicker programs. Such as Fast Clicker and Auto Mouse Click for focused automation.

8. PTFB Pro (Powerful Macro Automation for Workflow Process)

PFTB Pro Schoracle

Price: Free 30-day trial and a multi-license pack starting from $39.99 to $419.99 (1-20 licenses)

Recommended For: Sophisticated Automation related to workflow process and productivity

When the basic auto clicker just doesn’t cut it. It’s time to invest in superior automation.

That’s where PTFB Pro comes in.

Features like –

  • Eliminate Windows irritations
  • 24/7 Application Monitoring
  • Auto respond to events and alerts
  • Auto-restart programs that don’t respond or hang
  • Complete software automation
  • Prevent programs from launching at specific times
  • Restore a window’s default state
  • Auto-restart programs that consume excess power
  • Ensure critical programs run 24/7
  • Lightweight program
  • Auto email alerts
  • Dismiss screensaver and relock desktop without macro interruption

Now that’s what we call true automation software. And imagine the ability to automate all your processes. That time is better spent on yourself.

9. OP Auto Clicker (For Android Platforms)

 OP Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free to use

Recommended for: Smartphone Android users

An auto clicker for your mobile phone? That’s just terrific.

With mobile games taking over the gaming industry, it’s about time we had a mobile-based auto clicker.

OP Auto Clicker fills that void perfectly.

Here are some of its main features –

  • Low CPU usage to reduce phone heat generation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hotkey configuration
  • No advertisements
  • Dynamic or Pre-defined cursor
  • Single, double, or triple-clicking layout

Save your fingers from constantly scoping over your mobile screen, download OP Auto Clicker on your android device.

10. Roblox Auto Clicker (Made for Roblox Online Platform)

 Roblox Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Games on the Roblox platform or online multiplayer

Roblox is an online game platform by Roblox Corporation. It’s a platform that lets users program their games and play games developed by others.

Roblox Auto Clicker as the name signifies is made exclusively for gamers using the Roblox platform. It also supports other online multiplayer games that revolve around clicking and input generation.

It assists players in playing games by generating inputs and clicks without the need for finger clicking.

The Roblox auto clicker is a convenient alternative for manual clicking. Comes with pre-specified location targeting and a dynamic cursor.

Like many other auto clickers, the maximum click rate can be defined or left infinite.

11. Perfect Automation (Combination of Work Automation + Scheduler)

Perfect Automation Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Basic and advanced users looking for Work automation and scheduling functions

At first glance, Perfect Automation feels complicated for a basic user to use. Fortunately, it takes a few minutes to get past the visual complexity.

With feature controls such as

  • keyboard and mouse recorder,
  • built-in general-purpose functions,
  • visual commands 
  • source codes
  • scheduler to start at predefined times
  • no runtime libraries required.

Perfection Automation packs quite the punch for a freeware automation program.

The biggest advantage is there’s absolutely no coding required for beginners to use it.

For advanced users, it supports a vast array of powerful script editors to time-saving productive protocols.

It’s compatible with most versions of Windows. Support starts from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

12. Speed Auto Clicker (Ideal for Fast Clicking Speed and Click-based Games)

 Speed Auto Clicker Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Users that want a fast auto clicker with adjustable speed controls and click rate for gaming

Speed Auto Clicker is so fast that the website hosts a speed test to test its function before you download it.

Games like Ark: Survival Evolved or Minecraft require stressful clicking to be successful. Tasks such as collecting wood, lumber, or metals become a chore and repetitive. That’s where the fastest clickers come in.

Other games that reward you for clicking speed are  – Clicker Heroes, Adventure Capitalist, RuneScape, Cookie Clickers, Simulators, etc.

If click speed is what you desire, you can’t go wrong with Speed Auto Clicker.

13. (Quick Setup with High-speed Features) Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Users that want to set up a quick script in a few seconds

If speedy scripts without the setup process are something you crave, is the perfect option.

In less than 5 steps, you can set up your script and it’s ready to run.

The auto clicker program supports single, double, triple, side, and middle mouse clicks.  It also supports an extensive range of keyboard inputs.

With a wide variety of OS support, has strong compatibility across platforms. Works on Mac and Windows.

There is a Chrome extension available for any automated work related to the Chrome browser.

14. Auto clicker Pro (Advanced Features for Beginners to Use)

 Auto Clicker Pro Schoracle

Price: Free to Use

Recommended For: Middle ground for new users that want basic and advanced automated options

Ever wish an auto clicker program was free with advanced automation and was easy to use?

Auto Clicker Pro is the answer.

This program is open source and allows you to save macro files without having to recreate the same saved functions.

From convenient webcam automation to online games, Auto Clicker Pro is perfect at configuring user-targeted clicks.

Two modules of auto-clicking are available – Predefined and Dynamic.

Predefined allows a limited set of clicks that are user-based. Dynamic offers an unlimited pace.

A highlight of Auto Clicker Pro is its low CPU usage and ad-free interface.

15. AutoHotKey (Limitless Possibilities in the Right Hands)

AutoHotKey Schoracle

Price: Free to use (Open Source)

Recommended For: Anyone willing to learn the basics of AutoHotKey for impressive automation

Imagine if you could automate anything your brain could think of? Not being limited to an interface or script.

AutoHotKey is an open-source scripting language. Unlike the other programs on this list, AutoHotKey doesn’t come with a user-friendly interface or tutorial.

Luckily, those are the only cons.

Once you figure out how to use AutoHotKey, the possibilities of automating your daily tasks are endless.

From basic to complex instructions, AutoHotKey can tackle everything. With the ability to search single pixels and complete text abbreviations to triggering any action you want.

AutoHotKey is limitless and advanced from anything on this list. The only drawback is its high learning curve.

Once mastered, experience the true power of automation at your fingertips.  Without a monthly price tag either.

To get you started, here’s a video tutorial that explains in-depth ‘How to use AutoHotKey’.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Auto Clickers?

Auto clickers work like any other windows or mac application. To give you a crash course, here’s a step-by-step guide to installing your auto clicker –

  1. Go to the website of your preferred auto clicker (Links provided above in respective sections)
  2. Download the file (All files are free of viruses but perform an anti-virus scan to ensure safety)
  3. Install the file in your preferred drive and folder
  4. Run the auto clicker .exe file
  5. The interface should pop up to configure and run the auto clicker using the hotkey or Start button

Other than AutoHotKey, the other programs have a standard interface. A quick YouTube search with the [Auto clicker name] + Install guide, should fetch you plenty of useful resources on installation.

Are Auto Clickers safe to install?


Auto clickers are virus-free when downloaded from their official websites.

Every auto clicker on this list has been tested for viruses. We have included only the top quality ones.

Also, we have provided direct links to their respective websites. Use these links to download the latest version.

For added safety, scan the program with an anti-virus program before installing.

Are Auto Clickers Illegal to use?


Auto clickers are simply AI and automation. The way self-driving cars are invented to ensure driverless travel.

However, some online games and office ethics frown upon their usage. But not because auto clickers are to blame.

Automation provides an unfair advantage over a manual worker or gamer that puts in personal time and effort. This causes a sense of unpleasantness among peers.

Again, when used in moderation and within ethical boundaries, auto clickers are your best friend.

Why Use Auto Clickers in Gaming?

The average gamer makes 7985 clicks a day and 2.9 million clicks a year. That’s a shocking number of keystrokes generated by your fingers.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition that affects gamers worldwide. It’s caused by increased pressure on the wrist and nerves. Because of repeated clicking.

People with this condition experience pain, tingling, and numbness in the affected wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome was discovered in the 1800s. The condition has worsened with severe contributions in the digital age.

Give your wrist its much-needed rest. Without stopping your work or gaming activity. Use automation software to replicate or mimic your wrist actions.

Your hands will thank you for it.


If it’s your first time using an auto clicker, we recommend OP Auto Clicker or Get Auto Clicker for their user-friendly interface.

As an advanced user that requires targeted automation, PTFB Pro and Macro Recorder offer unmatched automation at a price point.

Overall, automation is the way forward to ensuring your work or play remains uninterrupted. In the end, there’s no better way to be grateful to your joints and wrists than to take a break.

Share your thoughts on which auto clicker is your favorite and why.


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