Written By Pavan Punja

May 5, 2022


Making money doesn’t necessarily require you to have two jobs and a sleepless lifestyle.

The easiest way to generate more revenue is to keep your day job and start a side hustle.

Luckily, in 2022 there are a plethora of ways to generate money without investment.

Whether you’re an experienced side hustler or a new one, we have a complete list of lucrative part-time jobs.

2. Freelance Writer

If writing is your passion, then guess what? There’s a world of opportunities to get started. From copywriting to content creation, writers are always in demand. Want to write a biography? Become a ghostwriter. Interested in fiction? Become an author. Enjoy cooking? Create a recipe book.

3. Digital Designs

Sites like Etsy have made it easier for people to sell their designs online. Whether it’s greeting card designs or printable art forms, converting your designs for money is a top move.

4. Travel Advisor

Do you love traveling? Convert your love for adventure into a side hustle. Share the best deals and holiday tips and tricks with your readers. Create a blog or an Instagram account to grab a large fan following. Monetize through ads and affiliate marketing.

5. Online Surveys

While surveys aren’t going to make you filthy rich, they are a great way to make a few hundred dollars every month when you have some extra time.

They require no skillsets and require filling out forms to make your income. It’s a great anti-stress hustle to conduct on lazy weekends.

6. Crypto Airdrops

Crypto coins have taken over the world by storm. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest anything to receive your airdrops.

We have a crypto guide to get started on receiving your free airdrops.

7. Transcribe

Make a good income by converting audio and visual recordings into text. Choose your preferred time slots. There are multiple genres such as – movie subtitles, interviews, legal, etc. for you to transcribe.

8. Advertising Space

Do you have a vehicle? Great! You can make some ad revenue by renting out ad space. To host an advertising space, sign up to Wrapify.

9. Storage Space

Not everyone wants to pay for a large warehouse to store their basic goods. That’s where you come in. Use any unwanted space in your home to rent out as storage space. Charge by the day or hour.

10. Rent a room

Go further and convert any extra bedrooms into a bed and breakfast service. It’s a great way to make money without going out of the way.

Airbnb is an excellent site to host your lodging services. Consider signing up your tenants for a lease to make a pile of money.

11. Peer-to-peer lending

Got investment money but no good investments lined up? Use sites such as Lending Club to receive interest on your money from potential borrowers.

A great way to guarantee returns for your money.

12. Babysit

Do you love kids and enjoy spending time with them? Babysitting is a great side hustle and one of the popular ones.

You can begin with your neighborhood first for experience. Later, sign-up to Care.com for bigger pay.

13. Dog Walking

Pets are precious to their owners and many find it a chore to take them on their daily walks. As a dog walker, you can provide a service by taking multiple dogs for their daily walk.

Choose a flexible time, either in the morning or evening. This lets you make quick money with just a few hours invested.

14. Driver

Uber and Lyft have made driving for profit on your schedule a breeze. Sign up as a driver during your off-hours and make legitimate income for your services.

15. Prepare Tax Returns

When the financial year ends, companies and individuals are always searching for someone to file their tax returns.

A huge opportunity to assist people or companies file their annual returns while making a good income.

16. House Painting

Got a weekend off? Take the time off to paint a neighbor’s home or fence. Painting jobs are a relaxing way to spend the weekend and make a quick buck while at it.

17. Blogger

Blogging is serious business but only for the top of the cream.

To become a successful blogger, we have a complete blogging guide on how to generate revenue in a few months. It pairs incredibly well as a part-time income or a standalone full-time income.

18. Get Funding for your Idea

You have a great business idea but lack the funds to start it. This shouldn’t stop you from getting the funds from people ready to invest in your idea.

Start a Kickstarter page and offer freebies upon launching your project. If people love your project, they’ll make your day by investing.

19. Social Media Manager

With a few extra hours every day, it’s a good idea to become a part-time social media manager. With plenty of tools at your disposal, the whole process can be completely automated.

Social media management is mostly an automated job that requires minimal human intervention.

20. Tutor

Were you great at math or psychology in your school or college days? Convert any skills you excel into tutoring students and prepping them for their big tests.


A side income is an excellent way to support your main job and ease the pressure of monthly bills.

Many of these side hustles can also be converted into a full-time career if you choose to. There’s little to no prior experience required to start them.

As with all our articles, we continue to update this article often. Bookmark this page to see new additions in the future!

We wish you the best!

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